Training For Success

Have you ever looked at a professional athlete, a friend’s golf swing, the guy at work with all the success, a biker on the side of the road, and think…I want to be that guy. I want to be able to bike 20 miles in one day, I want to be the one everyone looks up to at work as I get promoted into the roles I pursue.  You think to yourself, I want to achieve that level of success!

But then you start thinking it through and doubting yourself by saying ” I don’t see how I could ever get that good, I can’t do that”, or “that seems too far out of my reach”.

What your failing to realize is “that guy” wasn’t born a super star, he wasn’t born the best at what he or she does. They didn’t become the best salesman in the company by accident, or create the greatest garden in the neighborhood overnight, or reclaim their figure by being on the coffee and cake diet with an exercise plan consisting of how many reps it takes to eat a whole cake.  You simply need to recognize there are 2 different kinds of people when it comes to being good at something. There’s trained and untrained.  What separates an amazing swimmer and you is trained vs untrained.

If you see something you want to excel at, the key thing that’s different between you and that “other guy” that’s achieving what you want is he or she is trained and you’re untrained at the task.

Now forget about the reservations of “can I” or “that looks impossible to achieve,” “I don’t know if I can do that, or accomplish such an outrageous goal”.

If you see something you want to truly do or achieve in life then you simply need to start training yourself in the skill that will get you there.

You need to take the first mental step and decide who you want to be and start being that person. Make a commitment to yourself and do it. The second step and every step after that is start training on your goal and work on it each and every day, and before you know it, you will be trained in the skill you want to posses and attain your goal and achieve success.

To quote one of my favorite inspirational quotes  ”build a staircase to your dreams and you’ll reach them one step at a time”

Find out what steps you need to take, learn, and practice, then incorporate them into your life to achieve your goal and obtain the success you choose to poses, and I believe you CAN do it.


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Author: Daniel Skarie

© April 2014

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