Life is like a movie, staring you, written by you

Life is like a movie, it has its story line, its ups and downs, and it’s moments of tears and climax points.

If we step back and look at our story (our life), we see it’s as beautiful as a movie with its challenges, laughs, and even the heartaches. The key is we are not only the star in our own movie, we are also the writer.

At times many of us find ourselves simply going with the flow and accepting what life brings our way, including bad choices or choices we simply accept, verses going after what we really wanted, to make us happy. We forget that we are the writer for our own life story. We can’t lose sight of what we want out of our lives if we’re going to succeed in having a story with happiness in it. We have to choose to set time aside to do the things we want to do, like spending precious moments with our loved ones or spending time doing what we’re passionate about.

Another key element of a life story is we are all hit with surprises in our lives; maybe it’s an unplanned child, maybe its battling cancer. No one plans challenges like this into their lives but isn’t this what makes the movies so amazing, magical, and beautiful when the story has its ups and downs. You ever notice the movies that are based on a true story are usually based on an underdog story overcoming amazing odds to succeed or overcoming an impossible life challenge. The point is we need to embrace every challenge that becomes a part of our life story, learn from it, and see what it can teach us to evolve as a better person for it. One of my favorite quotes I wrote says it best, “you can’t have triumph without struggles and it’s within these struggles that we can find our self, define our self, and truly live”.

I’ve meet people fighting cancer that allowed the disease to bury them into a cloud of depression and sadness. I’ve also met others that have taken it on and moved on in life a stronger and happier person for taking on such a challenge. They discovered just how beautiful life is when you get a second chance and that our challenges have a hand in defining us. They learned the key to a happy story is to keep an eye on their perspective of things. How you view a problem or challenge makes a difference and it all starts with your perspective. I know not every story can have a happy ending, but we still can choose if we allow the great curtain to fall with us bitter and angry saying how could this happen to me versus going out with a smile and living each day to the fullest and spending our moments how we want to spend them.

Remember when you’re writing your life story, life isn’t about the destination it’s about the journey and to truly live and learn from life, don’t hold back, follow your heart, and embrace everything life offers you so you can live the life you choose to live and become the person you inspire to be.

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Author: Daniel Skarie

© April 2014

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