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Dan Skarie, motivational keynote speaker, author, and life success coach

Dan’s approach is beyond simply motivating audiences, he inspires people to find what motivates them to succeed in life.  He INSPIRES, EDUCATES, and EMPOWERS corporations, associations, and youth of all ages with the tools, strategies, and stories to help people break down their way of thinking and approach to life, professionally and personally, to help people retrain their frame of mind to succeed in life.

Dan’s ability to inspire is driven by his self success story of childhood struggles and his personal life to today’s successes personally and professionally, which helps people of all ages relate to his messages.

As a child, Dan had to overcome physical health challenges along with learning disabilities.  At an early age Dan had to battle life with severe asthma and monthly trips to the ER and if that wasn’t enough of a challenge for child, Dan was academically challenged with learning disabilities including ADD, terets, and dyslexia, which challenged his reading, writing, and ability to learn.

Despite all this, Dan overcame his challenges by recognizing early on as a child that in life it’s not about what you have or don’t have, it’s about your perspective on life and if you change your view from within, you can change your world. This led Dan to positive thinking and always looking for the solutions to problems and never focusing on the damages or limitations of the problem at hand. Dan learned how to adapt and work around his challenges and went on to become physically and competitively athletic, and despite his dyslexia, went on to have a very successful career in the financial industry. Dan’s inspiring way of thinking lead him to start up his own business launching a product line of inspirational signs, the creation of his own .com offering a source of inspiration and education for all to use, and writing the motivational book “Living Life On My Terms.” Ultimately, these led Dan to a career as a key note speaker and author to inspire and educate corporations, associations, and youth of all ages.

Overcoming challenges, like having dyslexia, and still choosing to write a book is an example of Dan’s inspiring positive way of thinking that helps him relate to people overcome challenges in pursuit of their life’s goals and way of life, and not allowing limitations to prevent them from following their heart and doing what they want in life.

Happily married for over 22 years and father of 3 kids (2 of them teenagers), Dan understands the challenges today’s youth faces with peer pressure, bullying, and self-esteem. Dan’s background helps kids relate to his messages to help them with self evaluation and life perspective in pursuit of happiness.

Dan has an extensive business background of 19 years in the financial industry, over 11 of those years with Prudential Life Insurance including helping to develop and build out their institutional distribution channel. Dan’s background with insurance and investments positions him to relate to employees and leadership management on the struggles in the corporate world for driving business, while inspiring the workforce to strive for success and personal life balance.

Dan understands the key to a business’s success is the driving force of the employees and Dan specializes in inspiring, educating, and empowering people to find the greatest potential that lies within them, while managing their perspective on life to enjoy all aspects of their life personally and professionally.

Dan is a leader in educating and inspiring people to find what motivates them in life and to take action to pursue the changes they can make to live the life they choose to live. He helps them capture the success they want personally and professionally to live a life with success, balance, and happiness.

As a motivational key note speaker and author, Dan has published numerous articles on self improvement, challenges of success, goal setting, and is the author of the inspiring book “Living Life On My Terms.” The book focuses on the building blocks and fundamentals of living a life of success and happiness by retraining a person’s perspective and approach to life to achieve what they desire in life.


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