30 Inspirational Quotes To Live By


“30 Inspirational Quotes To Live By” is a collection of  some of the best inspiring quotes written to remind us of what’s important in life & how to live our lives with joy and success. Allow this list of motivational quotes to be your message in a bottle, carried by the sea to your shore to remind and inspire you how great life truly is and inspire your soul.


30 Inspirational Quotes To Live By

  1. Happiness is not a place or a thing, it’s a state of mind
  2. Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself
  3. The imperfections of life is what makes life so beautiful
  4. To succeed you must first learn to fail, and it’s within our failures that strength, courage, and determination are truly born
  5. Be a voice of inspiration for change
  6. The only limitation in life is our imagination
  7. Life is not a balance of give and take, it’s a balance of giving and receiving
  8. Learn to have an open mind free of judgment and you will always find truth
  9. The search for balance is the search for peace
  10. The beauty in life is not what you see, it’s how you see it
  11. Sometimes our greatest accomplishments in life are the lessons learned from our failures
  12. You can’t have triumph without struggles and it’s within these struggles that we can find ourself, define ourself, and truly live
  13. Courage is born in the presence of fear and with it comes bravery
  14. Love yourself and the world will follow
  15. All actions, thoughts, and words in our lives should be driven by compassion, honor, and joy
  16. To truly live and learn from life, don’t hold back, follow your heart, and embrace everything life offers you
  17. Knowing who you are should come from within and not from others
  18. The body’s abilities are only limited to the imagination of the mind
  19. Life cannot be taught, it must be lived to be understood
  20. Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey
  21. Sometimes we must face the darkness to see the light
  22. Never attack out of anger, even if you win, you loose
  23. Build a staircase to your dreams and you will reach them one step at a time
  24. A person’s true character is defined within the challenges they face
  25. Sometimes the greatest enemy we must face is ourself
  26. You can be a leader, a follower, or stand aside a wise person knows how to do all three
  27. Look for the good in every moment
  28. Find the love and inspiration in everything you do and every breath you take
  29. Some of the most beautiful things in life are the emotions we feel in our heart
  30. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is simply BELIEVE


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Author: Daniel Skarie
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