10 Secrets to achieving your DREAMS


We all dream of what we want out of life. Maybe it’s reaching that level of success in your career that represents the finish line for you. Maybe it’s much more. Maybe it’s achieving something that’s such a far reach you can’t see the possibility of achieving it. Sometimes life is too busy beating you down every day that there’s little room to breathe, leaving no time to chase your goals or dreams in life.

It’s human nature to dream of what we want out of life, challenge ourselves, and to grow. That’s why we always root for the underdog character in the movies. That character represents us taking on impossible odds and succeeding.

Dreams are never an easy thing to chase but there are some key things to keep in mind that can help prepare you in life for taking on such a goal and winning against all odds.

Here are 10 secrets to achieving your goals and dreams in life.

  1. How we think is everything! The key is to always be positive no matter what the odds or the obstacles. Focus on what you want not on what you don’t want. Think success, not failure. You need to be aware of your negative thoughts and environment. Tell yourself “I can I will”. The moment you tell yourself “I can’t” then you’re defeating yourself.
  2. Perception is key. “Life is not about what you see, it’s about how you see it”. With every challenge you face it’s up to you if you choose to look at it as a problem or an opportunity to learn and evolve from. Remember this affirmation, “With every challenge I grow stronger”.
  3. A problem is only as big as you make it. A challenge is only as big as you perceive it to be. With every great challenge take a step back and take it on one piece at a time. I always say “build a staircase to your dreams and you’ll reach them one step at a time.”
  4. Keep moving forward. When you reach a challenge blocking you from your next goal and you start to hesitate and question yourself and your ability to reach your goal, have a leap of faith in yourself. You’re the one that chooses the path so simply take a step forward and keep moving forward and you’ll make it. You only truly fail when you give up.
  5. Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Find joy in the journey reaching your dream in life because once you accomplish your dream you’ll realize the journey was far more important than the destination. If you don’t then the destination will never be enough.
  6. Success is not a solo mission. To truly be successful, don’t strive to reach your goal or the top by yourself. Always strive to inspire, teach, and help others along the way and the rewards will be greater than you thought possible.
  7. It’s not about the resources, it’s about the resourcefulness that gets you there. To succeed it’s not about the resources it’s about the resourcefulness of the person. You could have the largest army on earth and still lose the battle if the other side is more resourceful in what they do and how they do it. You need to think smarter not harder. You need be clever in finding how to get to that next step toward your dream when you don’t have the time, money, or equipment available. Remember with every problem there’s a solution, you just need to use a solution that’s available to you.
  8. The true journey is the journey within. Be mindful of all the experiences and challenges along the way in pursuit of your dream. These challenges are the real reason why we pursue the dream. As we learn and grow through our bumps and bruises along the way is the real brass ring. It’s about evolving and becoming more then what we were, pushing ourselves to new heights and possibilities.
  9. You’ve got to have heart. It’s not a dream if your heart isn’t in it. Your passion can help you reach levels even you may not have thought possible. Always follow your heart, that’s a dream worth chasing.
  10. You need to believe! You will continually be challenged along the way in pursuit of your dream but the greatest obstacle will not be money, resources, or people, it’s you. We can be our greatest enemy with self doubt, questioning our motives and decisions we make along the way. If you really want it then you have to believe. Believe in your dream and believe in yourself and you’ll make it!

Article source: http://www.signstoinspire.com/10-secrets-to-achieving-your-dreams#more-80
Author: Daniel Skarie
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3 Responses to 10 Secrets to achieving your DREAMS

  • Steven says:

    Great article. I’ve spent the last year building a company from scratch which is my dream and I never really put that much thought behind looking at the steps I’m taking to get there I guess I’ve simply been to busy reaching for the end result. The article got me thinking about how much I’ve learned along the way and my attitude toward the good and the bad things that have happend along the way. I plan to be more aware of my perspective of things moving forward.
    Thanks, Steven

  • Brenda says:

    Love the article, it made me look at my goals in life in a different light

  • NY says:

    Nice! I never looked at goals and dreams that deeply before

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