10 Reasons Why Coordinators LOVE to Book Dan

1.  Inspires and empowers

Dan’s approach is beyond simply motivating audiences, he inspires people to find what motivates them to succeed in life.  He inspires, educates, and empowers corporations, associations, and youth of all ages with the tools, strategies, and stories to help people break down their way of thinking and approach to life, professionally and personally, to help people retrain their frame of mind to succeed in life.


2.  Makes the coordinators look like rock stars

Dan works closely with the coordinator to make sure he knows the audience he’s engaging with so the program is tailored to the group and the industry they’re in. Working with the coordinator, Dan will make sure the key goals in the program fit your companies’ objectives, like boosting employee morale, striving for higher goals, or helping people find higher levels of success within them, both professionally and personally.

3.  Engaging, entertaining, and captivating

Dan’s style is engaging and entertaining while delivering powerful messages and strategies to retrain a person’s perspective and approach to life and business. He helps people find the greatest potential that lies within them in pursuit of success and happiness.

4.  Business background

Dan’s extensive business background of 17 years in the financial industry with insurance and investments positions him well to relate to employees and leadership management on the struggles in the corporate world for driving business results, while inspiring the workforce to strive for success and enjoyment of their work.

5.  Author of the book “Living Life On My Terms”    

An inspiring and empowering book that dives into retraining a person’s perspective and approach to life in pursuit of success and happiness with the knowledge and tools to live the life you choose to live and want to live.

6.  Dan’s programs boost employee morale

His programs focus on helping employee morale through self awareness training, goal setting, and how to balance work and personal life.

7.  Dan’s programs supercharge work appreciation

His programs inspire employees and leadership teams to see the passion for their job, see the company vision, for the industry their in. His approach also focuses on mentoring and supporting each other verses managing, and the importance of goal setting to inspire growth.

8.  Dan’s power to relate to his audiences   

Dan’s personal story and struggles in life helps people relate and accept the messages he shares and the strategies he teaches through his stories, techniques, and philosophy.

9.  Schools and collages love Dan      

Students of all ages can relate to Dan with his personal stories of struggle and overcoming health and learning disability obstacles to succeed in life and help inspire students to find the greatest potential that lies within them in the pursuit of success and happiness.

10,  Dan’s call to action!

Dan doesn’t just leave his audiences with an impression of inspiration. His programs include a “call to action” with exercises and action steps his audience’s leave with to start making a difference in a person’s life today.

Dan Skarie, Motivational keynote speaker, author, and life success coach 




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